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gdpr awareness copyOn May 25 the new GDPR-regulations become valid for all European companies and companies that deal with people living in Europe. Because Curaçao Hiking organizes hikes for locals and tourists this means that this new law also is valid for the European tourists who register for a hike or who subscribe to the Curaçao Hiking newsletter.
In simple terms this new privacy regulation means that you as a customer have the right to know what information about you is kept and for what purpose it is kept. Also you have the right to ask this information to be sent to you or to request the deletion of the information about you.

What information is registered by Curaçao hiking for a hike?

When you register for a hike you enter your name, your email address and your phone number and also for which hike you register and with how many people. automatically the IP-address from where you register is recorded. All this information is used only to send you information about the requested hike and to be able to reach you by phone if the hike is cancelled for some reason;  afterwards the information is kept for a period of 3 months and then autotically deleted. The period of 3 months is chosen because nobody registers for a hike more than trhee months in advance.

What information is registered when you subscribe to the newsletter?

When you subscribe to a newsletter you enter your name and email address and which newsletter(s) you would like to receive. Also here the IP-address from where you register is recorded.
This information is used to send you the newsletter; it is kept on the web-server and is forwarded to the organization that sends out the newsletters, Elastic Email. Detailed information for statistics about number of opened emails and numbers of times a link in an email is clicked is anonomized and only used for statistical purposes.
Periodically the personal information is deleted for everyone who has unsubscribed as well on the server as well at the third party.

How to get your information or to get your information deleted?

This is different for the information about your subscription and regarding your registration for a hike.

Subscription information

To modify your subscription, to get access to the data that are kept about your subscription and to delete the information that is kept about you regarding the subscription you can do this via the menu option Newsletter, Subscribe Unsubscribe. There you have to enter your name and email address. After clicking the button an email will be sent to you with a link. By clicking that link you get to the website page where you can change your subscription, export the data that are kept about your subscription and to delete the information that is kept about your subscription. By deleting the data your subscription will automatically end.

Registrations for a hike

Currently there are no automated procedures in place to provide you with the information that is kept about you and also no automated procedure to delete the information about you.
If you want to get the information that we keep about you please send an email with the request to get information via the contact form on the website. Also in case you want the information deleted please send us a request via the contact form on the website.

The requested information will be sent to you or in case of a deletion you will get a confirmation that the information has been deleted.

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