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The Ring of Kerry virtual challenge is one of the many The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. The description of this challenge is as follows:

The Ring of Kerry Virtual Challenge will take you 124 miles (200 km) through the mystical Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland. This circular route has it all: scenic coastal landscapes, wildlife rivers, beautiful forests, small villages, old forts and peaceful monasteries.

Each time you complete a distance-based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc you advance along the map of the Ring of Kerry.

I only use exercises that you could do in a real-world version of this challenge, so swimming is for me no option. Cycling would be an option, so I consider that for this challenge. I am no runner, so running is for me no option in any challenge. My favorite activity is hiking and luckely that is the most common activity for this challenge. I prefer hiking in nature but that is currently not allowed because of the Covid-19 lockdown so I hike from home in my neighborhood. 

I started with this challenge om April 11, 2021 after completing the Giza Pyramid challenge. The distance to cover for this challenge is more than twice the distance for each of the previous challenges so I estimate conservately an average distance of 25 km per week resulting in 8 weeks as target for the completion of this challenge. A lot will also depend on the length of the lockdown. When the restrictions are lifted I will be able to start hiking in the nature. My nature hikes are shorter than what I do in my neighborhood. We will see.

Now that the challenge is completed and I can look back at everything my conclusion is that this was the challenge with the most boring view (streetview). That is because you are in fact walking along an auto route and not through nature as I am used to. 

As part of the challenge you get a number of postcards as if you have sent these from along the route. These postcards come with a lot of information about the places along the route so I reproduce this information below, one section per postcard. Also for every 20% of the route that you complete a tree will be planted. That I consider a real benefit of these challenges, because not only motivates it me to hike you also contribute to nature. After completion you get a medal. 

In the photo section are more pictures that I was able to take while in this challenge via Google street view. Google Streetview is expected to be available along a large part of this route so I will be able to look around and take pictures.