Facebook group created to facilitate hikers

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Under the facebook page of Curaçao Hiking I have created a closed group called Curaçao Hiking Group. The purpose of that group is to create a meeting place for hikers in Curaçao. From comments during my guided hikes I have learnt that a lot of people like hiking but don't want or dare to hike on their own. This group could help these hikers to get company during their intended hikes. By creating an event in the group or by posting their intended hike in the group they can invite other members of the group to attend their hike.

The group is private (formerly called closed by Facebook) which means that anyone can find the group but has to ask to join the group. Only after approval the members can see the content of the group and post by themselves. Non-members cannot see the content and cannot post in this group. It is my intention to approve only inhabitants or visitors of Curaçao who like hiking. No other group or fb-page can become a member of the group, only individuals. Commercial posts and spamming is not allowed, And I expect kindness to and respect for each other in comments and posts.

Another often heard problem from people who like to hike is that they don't know where to hike. This was also expressed in one of the first posts in this new group. So I have posted two links in the description of the group; these links are:

  1. The tracks of my own guided hikes
  2. All tracks in Curaçao that have been posted by hikers on Wikiloc. Wikiloc is a website where everyone can post tracks.

By using the wikiloc-app on your smartphone you should be able to download and/or follow the track while hiking.

If this group will be a success is mainly dependent on the number of people that become a member and the willingness to try this meetingplace to invite others to your hikes. I will give it a try at least to the end of 2019; If it doesnt work I can always delete the group.