John-tijdens-wandeling-in-naamloze-roi-in-Christoffelpark---foto-CarelUs is in fact just me. I am a retired IT-manager. Retired early at an age that I didn't want to sit still. So I decided a few years ago to make a career out of the things that I like to do most. And that is diving and hiking, both in combination with photography.

I live in Curaçao since 1994. Learned diving in 1991 in Aruba during a vacation and kept on diving since then, first in The Netherlands and after I moved to Curaçao I went diving at most of the dive sites in Curaçao. Based on the knowledge of the many dive sites in Curaçao I became the co-author of the Curaçao Diving Guide, which is now in its second edition.

I also have set up several web sites to inform tourists about what to expect under water in Curaçao:

In 2007 I decided to become a dive instructor and in 2008 I became certified by PDIC to work as a dive instructor. 

In 2010 I joined the Working group Archaeology of Curaçao. On a weekly basis we undertake hikes in the nature of Curaçao in search for the history of Curaçao in the form of ruins of fortifications, former habitation (Indian sites, small villages, graves) and remains of the large country houses. Or we just want to look for rare plants while enjoying the nature of Curaçao. Reports are published on another web site:

End of 2013 I decided to stop working at the dive shop. To share my knowledge of the nature and history of Curaçao I started offering guided hikes to locals and tourists.
At the end of 2019 I decided to stop offering guided hikes so that I could spend more time on other hobbies. I continue with hiking on my own, with friends or with other hiking organizations.
The focus of this website changes from offering guided hikes tot offering sufficient information so that everyone who is interested in hiking is able to do that alone or with friends.