With the introduction of the new version of the hike to the Kabrietenberg (Mountain of the goats) a new challenging hike became part of the offering. I would classify the different routes as follows:

Most challenging hikes

  • Mountain of the goats / Kabrietenberg
    Challenging because of duration and number of climbs/descents
  • Seru Jamanika
    Challenging because of duration and challenging climb and descent of the Seru Jamanika

These two hikes will be done in a higher pace than my other hikes and with less explanation during the hike.

Challenging hikes

  • Vaersenbay - Boka Sami - Seru Sami
    Challenging climb of the Seru Sami (rocks and no real path)
  • St. Michiel's mountain via the Seru Blandan
    two gradual climbs and one gradual descent; sometimes muddy

Regular hikes

  • Caracasbay peninsula
    Small climbs and descents; slow pace during first part of the hike with alot of explanation
  • Malpais
    Mostly flat with a few small climbs

Easy hikes

  • Jan Thiel West
    Some small climbs; shortest of my hikes in distance and duration
  • Parke Sorsaka and the Jan Thiel lagoon
    Completely flat